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Freelancer PR expert in Hungary

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As a freelance PR consultant, I have been helping many small and medium-sized businesses for more than 10 years, both at the B2C and B2B levels.

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Every year, thousands of press appearances are linked to my work in the Hungarian media's online, print, TV and radio platforms.

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Most often, I deal with press release management, but I also regularly organize press conferences, press events and media study tours.

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My favorite is creative PR that reliably delivers results.


Why listen to me when it comes to PR?

I have experience not only as a Public Relations consultant, but also as a journalist and editor: I worked for some of the biggest Hungarian media outlets. In addition, I am also the vice-president of the FIVOSZ (Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary) Media Committee. During my time in the media, I gained extensive PR communication experience and built a network of journalistic relationships in Hungary.

My clients typically come from the SME sector. I have experience in culture, tourism, gastronomy, finance, trade, fashion, automotive industry, startups, healthcare, sports, research and development, tech, business events and also in the field of personal PR.

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“We have been working with Máté for several years. Our experience with him as a PR specialist is very positive. He is flexible, open to new ideas and in many cases we come up with ideas together, which moves each project forward and makes each project more interesting. He writes in a good style and thanks to his excellent network of contacts, we can bring the solar topic closer to people. I can only recommend it.”

Orsolya Beleznai
Marketing Director, Wagner Solar

“Máté and I have been working together periodically for several years on a project. There is no question of who to turn to, I can always count on his professional help, he fulfilled all requests in a timely manner as flexibly as possible. It is very easy to work together because from shared ideas, Máté prepares a great, well-rounded PR article that, due to his experience and network of contacts, he can convey to the right places according to your company’s profile. I wholeheartedly recommend consulting and working with him!”

Szilvia Sóti
Golf Sales Executive, Zala Springs

“Communication went smoothly from the first moment, he kept the deadlines to the minute, helped with ideas, gave feedback, and most importantly: he kept his promise. He has a broad view of the media, his experience and network of contacts helped to deliver the news to the right place, thanks to which we achieved great, measurable results in a national context. Together. This is important, because I think this is the only way it can be.”

Dániel Szántó

“Since I’ve been working with you, the number of media inquiries has completely exploded. My goal was to make my name known in the country and within the profession, I SUCCEEDED! I don’t have a great reference point in terms of a PR manager, but I’m sure that the best possible decision I made when we started working together. I felt many times that I wanted to break through that certain wall, but I couldn’t do it alone. I have recommended you to a lot of people since then and I am happy to share my experiences with you.”

Fazekas Ádám Fazekas
Master Confectioner, Fazekas Cukrász Kft.

“Press appearances? PR or self-brand building? I can only recommend Máté! We have been working together for years, with several companies and areas. We had many successful campaigns where he was not only present as a PR expert. With his professional skills and experience, he even helped in the creation of the strategy! If you feel you are too small to have your own PR specialist, feel free to look for him! A huge help in establishing your expert status! Go to everyone who wants to be known and famous!”

Dr. Judit Lenke Tóth
Data protection and data security lawyer, AML specialist

“Máté has been GDN’s external PR for years. It is very good to work together on press communication and press releases. Together, we can bring new topics to the profession, which you can present in the media with good connections. In addition to professionalism, a good human relationship has also developed between us.”

Zoltán Gadanecz
Founder & Owner, GDN Real Estate Network

“Máté and I immediately found common ground. His professionalism aligned perfectly with the goals of RAVAK, resulting in numerous PR articles represents the sort of know-how which I can strongly recommend to companies and entrepreneurs alike. Thank you, Máté!”

István Pintér
Head of Marketing, RAVAK

“Máté is one of the best PR people I’ve ever met. He regularly prepares press releases for us and has already organized several media study trips to the hotel. Finally, a communication specialist who really feels the brand, has an extensive network of live contacts, you can always count on him. I am happy to recommend him.”

Miklós Belán
Director, Visegrád Royal Club Hotel ****

“Máté and I have been successfully cooperating since 2014 in connection with the PR communication of FIVOSZ’s biggest annual event, the Week of Young Entrepreneurs. In addition, he prepared and published many successful press releases on economic topics on our behalf. He is a real teammate, from whom we always get professional work.”

Patrik Kobács
Chairman, FIVOSZ – Young Entrepreneurs Association

“Now I know that if someone says that ‘PR is only for big companies’, then he has not yet worked with the Máté. I strongly recommend it to any company for which it is important to be able to create the impression of a reliable, credible company, because in my experience, this is what PR gives us the most (and through it many VIP customers).”

Ferenc Surányi
CEO, M.I. Solutions

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